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teenSMART Program

This program is designed to give novice drivers the advanced, real-world skills they need to drive safely and avoid accidents. Learn more about teenSMART.

teenSMART Driving Program


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Other Driver Ed Services

Winter Driving Tactics

Winter Driving Tactics  --  $35.00

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This comprehensive (2) hour introductory Classroom Course is the entry Level Program to a "Hands On BTW" session offered seperately. The Course video was produced right here at the Ice Driving School in Steamboat Springs Colorado, by The Weather Channel. 

Winter survival tactics will address "advanced planning, hazard recognition vehicle dynamics and skid control. A video presentation will be followed up with a group discussion and Q & A. BTW sessions will be given at a later date.

Evaluations & Rehabilitation

Clinical Driver Evaluation & Rehab Program  --  $325.00

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If you have noticed a change in a loved ones safety level while operating a motor vehicle or if a loved one has a condition and needs special attention, Driver Safety Consultants can help! We have an Approved Clinical Driving Evaluator on staff with over 30 years of experience. Gaining, regaining or maintaining driving privileges is one of the essential elements for independent living. We evaluate skills, not take away privileges!

Thomas M. Antkow C.D.E , President and founder of DSC Inc., has been involved as an Approved Driving Evaluator and trainer since 1975. Having personally trained over 9,000 clients and after serving as a staff member at Phoenix Baptist Hospital in Arizona and Sharp Memorial Rehabilitation Center's adaptive driving program in San Diego, CA, Mr. Antkow is a specialist in every aspect of the assessment and training for physical, functional, cognitive and perceptual issues relating to the operation of a motor vehicle.

From teens to senior drivers, or beginners just starting out, to those needing refresher courses, all phases of driver evaluation testing and professional instruction are offered at our facilities.

NOTE: Full evaluations are conducted in the client's own vehicle and MAY require a Physicians prescription to schedule an appointment.

Physician, Department of Rehabilitation, or Senior issues of aging appropriate. This program assesses physical, functional, cognitive and perceptual as well as driving skills for those individuals who have a condition that might affect their driver safety level. This Evaluation may require a Doctor's prescription and the behind the wheel portion is completed in the client's vehicle.

Please call for more details and to schedule an appointment.

Adult Driver Education

4-Hour STATE APPROVED Classroom  --  $45.00

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This classroom is conducted in one day, usually on a Saturday, and is generally offered once per month. The Course is on a "first come, first served" basis. Seating is limited! NOTE: (If you are over 50 years of age your insurance carrier may be required to give you a discount on your auto insurance premium for three years).

Please note that due to the fee mandated by the Colorado Department of Revenue imposed on "driver improvement classes" for Court directed offenses, Driver Safety Consultants will no longer be able to provide services for IN STATE TICKETS. However, all of our DDC courses are available for any other remedial training and insurance discounts. NOTE: FOR INFO AND ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO UNDERTAKE THE WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONAL; PERMIT CLASS, PLEASE REFER TO THE "Permit Classes" LINK DIRECTLY BELOW "Teen Driver Services" in the DriversEdServices drop down located on the Homepage.