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teenSMART Program

This program is designed to give novice drivers the advanced, real-world skills they need to drive safely and avoid accidents. Learn more about teenSMART.

teenSMART Driving Program


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teenSMART Driver Training

teenSMART Driver Training Program  --  $89.95

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How it Works

teenSMART picks up where basic driver's education leaves off. It's designed to give novice drivers the advanced, real-world skills they need to drive safely and avoid accidents. The teenSMART program consists of a Student computer based training exercises, in car parent/teen activities, Driving Practice elements, and Certification Test.

What is Included in teenSMART®?

The complete teenSMART® program consists of a teenSMART® Certification license, program software available for download.

How Does teenSMART Work?

There are three elements to the teenSMART® program. All are done at your convenience at home:

♦ Computer-based driving tutorials (CBTs) are completed on the home computer. These tutorials provide hands-on, in-depth practice. Teens are asked to demonstrate specific driving skills and are given immediate, interactive feedback. The computer software also provides a step-by-step roadmap to guide the teen through the program.

♦ Parent-Teen Activities include lively and informative videos, exercises for the Student and Parents, and in-car driving sessions conducted under parental supervision. All included in the software downloaded. During the driving sessions, teens apply what they have learned during the CBTs to real-world driving situations.

♦ A Certification Test completes the program. Teens receive certification once they pass the test and upload test results.

How long does teenSMART take to complete?

Estimate ten hours to complete the entire multiple-step program. Approximately half of the time is allotted to Parent-Teen Activities, which include in-car driving exercises. Computer time activities and the at-home Certification Test take up the remaining time. Each program step can easily be completed in an hour.

How does the certification process work?

When the teen has completed all of the Steps, he or she will be allowed to take the Certification Test. Teens may take the test as many times as they need to in order to pass. When the teen has passed both parts of the Certification Test, they will see a message on the computer screen congratulating them and they will be allowed to upload their test results via the internet.

Once the results are sent, a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you in a pdf format.

What are the teenSMART Program Requirements?

A driver license or permit for the teen driver

A parent (or other responsible adult driver 25 or older) to help complete the Parent-Teen Activities