teenSMART Program

This program is designed to give novice drivers the advanced, real-world skills they need to drive safely and avoid accidents. Learn more about teenSMART.

teenSMART Driving Program


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Our Colorado Springs & Woodland Park Driving School FAQs

Why was the program founded? What is your mission?

DSC was founded in May of 2000. Our mission is simple. If we can help save even one life, our job is worth every hour spent teaching people how to drive safely. We dedicate our business to Melissa Antkow, the founder's daughter, who tragically died in a automobile accident at the hands of an inexperienced driver in December of 1999. Read our full dedication to Melissa.


What age can I get my permit?

In Colorado the minimum age is 15 years old. However, there are some rules and classroom requirements involved. Please contact our qualified enrollment counselors or search our site further for the link to the Colorado Driver License Handbook listed on the resource page.


Does the school offer "one on one" behind the wheel instruction, tailored to the individual student, with pick up and drop offs?

We firmly believe that the best in-car training approach is the "personalized" one. This guarantees that the training is designed to fit the student's learning skills and aptitude. Schools that use a cookie cutter approach are acting in the best interest of the school and not the individual needs of the student. ALL of our in-car instructors are thoroughly vetted by management and must pass rigorous background screenings by our company and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Our school is licensed and bonded under the Colorado Department of Revenue Driver License Compliance Unit. Most of our training staff are mature adults and come from former law enforcement, military, or teaching backgrounds. That's why at DSC, we truly believe that "No one cares more, no one trains better"! We also offer pick up and drop off services.


How long has the school offered "individual" behind the wheel training with the emphasis on defensive tactics on the road?

DSC was founded in May of 2000 and has offered "one on one" behind the wheel training and instruction since "day one". The founder and president of the school, Thomas Antkow, has been active in the driver education field since February of 1973. No other driving school in the State of Colorado has a more experienced or dedicated owner. Please feel free to visit the "about us" page for a full bio.


Does the completion of the program entitle the graduate to insurance discounts after they receive their driver's license?

Most reputable Insurance companies offer some type of discount for formal driver education as an incentive for parents to send their children through a professional driving school. The best discounts are from those companies that use State Approved Driver Education Curriculua as a baseline. We are proud at DSC to offer all State Approved Programs. Check with you agent to make sure.


General Info

How do I know my credit card number will be safe?

We take every precaution to ensure that your personal data, including credit card information, is as secure as it can be. Our site utilizes Secure Socket Layer technology on all pages where personal information is requested. This encryption technology prevents anyone from using your personal data if intercepted. For the highest level of safety, your credit card information is not stored after the transaction is complete.


What happens if I need to cancel my student's registration?

All deposit payments to our school are nonrefundable, however they can be applied to another course if desired. If a situation arises in which you need to cancel your student's registration, please call our office and speak to a staff member for more information.